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What is the dress for the wedding?

Our suggested dress for our wedding and reception is cocktail attire. As we're getting married in the West, there is also the option for western flair! What does this mean? That means your bolo ties, cowboy hats, and boots are welcome, as are your suit, ties, and dresses. We know dressing for weddings can feel like a gray area. We appreciated this helpful guide to different wedding attires.

Please note that Jackson Hole can be quite chilly in the evenings, so a sweater, shawl or coat is recommended for once the sun sets. The ceremony itself is outdoors and at elevation so if sunny, it will be bright and sunglasses are a must.

What about dress for other wedding events?

Thursday evening picnic: Summer backyard casual

Friday evening kick-off cocktails: Semi-formal or festive (tie-optional)

Sunday coffee: Come as you are!

Do I need to rent a car?

It depends on your travel plans and hopes. If you are coming to Wyoming for a shorter period of time and only intend on partaking in wedding events, it is possible to get an uber/taxi to and from the airport to Teton Village, and not need a car. If you hope to see others sites - national parks, the town of Jackson - or want the flexibility of having your own transportation, then we recommend a car. There is a decent bus system here, and again, we do have ubers/taxis. Yet as we are a smaller town, you can't quite get an uber on a demand in the same way you might in a larger city.

Will there be any health and safety measures taken for your event?

We are not requiring any health measures from our guests. We want for our family and friends to stay healthy, however, and to create a measure of safety for immunocompromised guests, while still acknowledging we are hosting a large wedding with attendees from across the country and globe.

We ask that you are up-to-date with all your vaccinations. We would also greatly appreciate if guests would take a moment before our wedding to take a rapid covid test, either at the start of the weekend and/or on Saturday morning. We will have tests available that weekend to share. Please stay home or opt out of events if you feel ill to protect the health of others.

If guests need to wear a mask for health reasons, please do so and you will be welcomed without judgment. Our Thursday and Friday evening events are outdoors, as is our ceremony, while our reception will be in an enclosed indoor space.

Are children invited?

We are inviting a few children of close family and friends to our wedding, and are excited for them to present for our ceremony and parts of our reception. If you're interested in bringing children to our wedding, please reach out and ask. We also may work on combining forces for babysitting services for parents.

What's the weather like?

Mountain summer! Usually dry, and chilly at night. Temperatures in Jackson Hole in July range up to the 80s during the day down to the 40s at night. Please bring a coat/sweaeter/puffy to evening events.

What's the altitude?

Teton Village is around 6,400 feet in altitude. Our venue is at the top of Bridger Gondola. The gondola is a 12-minute ride in a safe and private gondola cabin that whisks you more than 2,700 vertical feet above the valley floor! This will put us at a little over 9,000 feet for the 4-5 hours of our ceremony and reception.

As many of our guests are coming from sea level, we recommend sleeping well and staying extremely well hydrated prior to and throughout the weekend. Altitude can exacerbate the effects of alcohol, so be mindful with your consumption. It also intensifies sun exposure, so lather on the sun screen and remember your sun glasses.

Have you reserved a hotel room block?

We have not. This is not as typical in Jackson as in other places due to the summer tourism season. If you have questions about lodging, check out our lodging section or reach out to us!

Will food be served? What should I do if I have dietary restrictions?

Absolutely! There will be a place to select food preferences and share restrictions and allergies in the RSVP.

Will there be an open bar?